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White IceTM is a specially blended and formulated ice paint product, designed to eliminate many of the ice painting problems commonly found in ice rinks and curling clubs world-wide. Exceptional results have proven White IceTM to be a leader in ice paint quality, while priced to accommodate all budgets.

This environmentally friendly product in non-hazardous and designed to comply with normal disposal regulations.

When mixed in similar ratios, White IceTM is brighter than any of it’s competitors. Two applications cover the surface with an unsurpassed brightness. Studies have shown that White IceTM has reflectance qualities that are superior to other ice paints, thus improving existing lighting levels.

Hi-Pro Sports is a distributor for White IceTM brand ice paint. White Ice’sTM fluid characteristics provide for uniform coverage while adhering easily to the ice surface. White Ice’sTM unique formulation helps prevent migration of paints.

Easy to mix, White IceTM dissolves quickly in warm or cold water without requiring excessive agitation. White IceTM has a unique agent which allows the mixed paint to stay in suspension. The particles do not settle to the bottom nor stick to the sides of your mixing container, therefore all the paint goes onto the ice surface.

Unlike many paints on the market, White IceTM will not plug or wear spray nozzles on your equipment. This allows for easier and faster cleaning, making White IceTM a cost effective way of painting your ice surface.

True White Premium

true-white-premium(1) How to use less product, get superior coverage and an ultra white finish…

  • One Step
  • Combines the coverage of Base Coat and the sparkle of True White
  • Leading edge technology
  • Engineered to enhance suspension
  • Streamlines ice painting
  • Efficient & effective

True White Top Coat

top-coat-pail Our brightest and whitest ice paint yet!
Have your rink stand out brighter than all the rest with our True White Ice Paint.18 kg pail – The latest innovative product by WHITE ICETM.
Be environmentally friendly, while saving money. See the difference for yourself!Jet Ice 3000 and White Ice base coat white are the creamy coloured strips above the True White. This is no joke, this is how big the difference is.

Base Coat White

base-coat For rich white coverage!Excellent value and quality with substantial savings compared to competitor.

WHITE ICETM Liquid Paint

colours Perfect results every time:

RED 2000TM Liquid
Blue 2000TM Liquid
Crease Blue 2000TM
Forest GreenTM
Lemon YellowTM

Order Custom Colors!


Order any custom colour you may need for your logo or advertising. Every colour on the pantone chart is available.

Black Light & Fluorescent
paints available!


Custom Fluorescent Liquid PaintTM 2 x the pigment

For strong vibrant color

Logo Kit LiquidTM

paintkit 4- 1 litre bottles. Choose from 5 standard colors.
The Logo Kit is perfect for the back yard ice rink or your custom rink logo.