Imagine having the option of booking your facility for all types of events, not just skating functions.   The EventDeck Ice arena cover system is the industry’s leading ice conversion cover.  It allows you to adapt your ice skating rink to facilitate a variety of non-ice events. From basketball games and concerts to trade shows and corporate events, EventDeck Ice (EDI) portable flooring will function flawlessly for any occasion and provides the ultimate in flexibility. On-ice and off-ice events can occur within hours of each other. You can have hockey practice in the morning, a catered lunch in the afternoon, and late night practice in the evening.   With the EventDeck Ice arena flooring system the opportunities become limitless, revenue is increased, and your facility can stay busy all year round.

Using a small crew and a simple forklift, a standard ice rink can be covered in less than 2 hours and removed just as quickly. Radius’s are pre-cut and no tools or other equipment are required.  Once installed, transport glass carts, basketball floors, dasher board carts, and other equipment move over EventDeck Ice modular flooring with ease.

When you purchase an ice arena cover system from Hi-Pro,  you will have access to a team of professionals that understands ice rinks, has actually installed floors in the most prestigious arenas and accommodates your specific needs. EventDeck Ice arena flooring is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is backed by an extended multi-year guarantee.

EventDeck Ice temporary ice rink flooring utilizes a unique inter-module connection system that allows sections to be assembled and dismantled quickly, yet is incredibly strong and capable of being used and re-used again and again.
Unlike other modular flooring systems, Event Deck Ice actually connects on all sides to create a seamless floor for a variety of activities. Sections self-align, making installation simple for unskilled workers. Modules lock tightly together which eliminates the need to tape over seams and prevents dangerous gaps or holes that could catch patrons’ heels or canes. Each EventDeck Ice module is 24” x 12” x 1.25” and ships in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for quicker installation. Deployment is quick and does not require trained personnel, special tools or an instruction manual. A full-size ice hockey rink can be installed in under 2 hours using 6-8 workers.
Modules can be connected in both directions and at any module connection point, including at a 90 degree angle – allowing for maximum flexibility in floor design. The smooth top surface is designed to prevent liquid and debris from flowing underneath and provides a perfect floor or sub-floor for any type of event.

The design and shape of each ED Ice module is unique in that it allows sections to deploy more quickly and more efficiently than less sophisticated ice cover systems.  In this regard, a full ice rink can be deployed in under 2 hours with a team of 6-8 unskilled labourers.  Of course, once your team gains experience, this time can be cut even further and we have heard of many installation that occur in under 1 hour with a similarly sized crew.
The key to EventDeck Ice’s speed is the specially shaped curvatures on each tile which are designed to align with corresponding tiles.  The gentle curvature on the circumference of each tile nests with the opposite curvature on the adjacent floor tile and help to align the sections for easy connection.  No other portable ice arena flooring system incorporates such a unique design feature.

No cam locks or other time consuming connectors are required as EventDeck Ice’s industry leading design allows sections to slide smoothly into place directly from a central position, using no tools but one’s feet. In addition to saving time, this innovation eliminates back strain from bending over, making ED Ice the healthiest and most efficient choice on the market.

Unlike other ice rink covers,  EventDeck Ice (ED Ice) flooring is available in custom colours to match your ice rink décor, team colours, or municipal colours.  Customers can select our standard, easy to clean Putty Grey colour which complements nearly any design scheme, or you can opt to have our manufacturing team match just about any PMS hue that you choose.
Imagine installing an ice rink cover that matches your seats and facility colours, creating a unified look for your next event.  Multiple colours can even be alternated to create themes, borders, and other effects.

EventDeck Ice arena flooring is specifically designed to protect the ice rink surface underneath, employing a series of innovative features that truly set it apart from its outdated competition.
Most importantly, each EventDeck Ice flooring system consists of two unique modular sections, a top honeycomb layer and a flat bottom layer. Once assembled, these sections trap air, which provides relevant insulation that keeps your ice cold and attendees’ feet warm. Our customers have reported that this insulation allows them to reduce the usage of their refrigeration systems to keep their ice frozen, saving energy and money. Attendees are kept comfortable as ambient room temperature rises once the cover is deployed. You can use your ice arena for all types of non-skating events, including formal dinners, graduations, and other more demanding functions.

The underside of each ED Ice module incorporates a series of circular friction rings which minimize slipping and provide a feeling of quality and stability.  Unlike other systems that require the use of walls or other stabilizers, EventDeck Ice remains stationary under forklift traffic and heavy moving loads while “floating” on your ice rink.   This feature is especially handy when you need to set up a ceremonial pad in the centre of your rink following a game or tournament.

Because of EventDeck Ice’s unique smooth top surface, customizable colours, and seamless finished look, your rink will always look great when covered. Event producers, planners, architects, and designers will be excited about the look and feel that this quality floor provides.

EventDeck Ice’s smooth uniform surface makes it very easy to clean, and its lack of ridges, channels, designs, and patterns that trap dirt means it stays cleaner longer.  Unlike fibrous systems, which absorb water and liquids and can hold harmful bacteria, mold, allergens and contaminants, EventDeck Ice system is manufactured using high quality polyethylene plastic, which is impervious to liquids. There is no need for workers to wear masks and other protective equipment during installations and removals as is common with older fibreboard systems.
Simply mop or sweep your EventDeck Ice rink floor cover after each event or use a drive-on-floor cleaner for more intense scrubbing.  Of course, pressure washers and other heavier duty cleaning systems can be used to keep your system looking brand-new for many years.  This industry-leading temporary ice arena flooring system’s modular design makes cleaning easy and efficient, saving your crew time and effort in maintaining the floor.

In the unlikely event that a section of ED Ice should break, simply snap out a single 1’ x 2’ floor tile and replace with a new one as needed.  There is no need to replace expensive panels, locking mechanisms, or sheets, and ED Ice modular ice rink covers require little or no maintenance to stay in good operating condition.

Unlike wooden or fibreboard systems, EventDeck Ice flooring will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate.  ED Ice is impervious to water and other contaminants and is designed to handle temperature fluctuations, moisture, and humidity.
Any veteran of the ice rink business is familiar with older fibrous ice floor conversion products and knows how these systems get stained, create dust, and actually separate and tear apart over time. These older systems have a tendency to stick to the ice as a result of natural temperature fluctuations. Tape is often required to keep these sections together and every time such tape is removed, a section of the fiber board is likely to be removed with it. Of course, with EventDeck Ice none of these issues are a concern.  The system is designed to be clean, easy to maintain, easy to install, and trouble free.

EventDeck Ice is designed to handle the rigorous payloads and traffic that can be expected at any sized arena.  From concert equipment and staging and basketball floors to glass and dasher board carts, EventDeck Ice is designed to withstand the weight of a variety of equipment.
More importantly, ED Ice is designed to handle moving weight, which requires a different set of functional features than simple static weights.  EventDeck will not buckle or bunch up under forklift traffic and the modules’ traction design prevents drift and other movement. Unlike older modular systems, the EventDeck doesn’t need to be handled with gently.  Simply do whatever you would do if your ice were removed – drive, turn, and stop.   EventDeck Ice can handle the traffic.