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Imagine having the option of booking your facility for all types of events, not just skating functions.   The EventDeck Ice arena cover system is the industry’s leading ice conversion cover.  It allows you to adapt your ice skating rink to facilitate a variety of non-ice events. From basketball games and
Hi-Pro Sports is a distributor for curling supplies in British Columbia. We carry a wide range of curling supplies including Hacks & Flooding Cups, Circle Equipment, Ice Ribbon, Scoreboards, Ice Brushes & Sweepers, Bumpers, Ice Scrapers, Hand Scrapers, Pebbling Cans & Heads, Measurers, Flooding Hoses & Squeegees, Curlex Handles &
Low emissivity ceilings are designed to reduce refrigeration loads and energy costs, improve lighting levels and quality, eliminate moisture and condensation problems, and improve acoustics and appearance in ice rink facilities. We are a BC Hydro Approved Contractor for sales and installation of low-e ceilings. BC Hydro is currently offering
White Ice is a specially blended and formulated ice paint product, designed to eliminate many of the ice painting problems commonly found in ice rinks and curling clubs world-wide. Exceptional results have proven White Ice to be a leader in ice paint quality, while priced to accommodate all budgets. This
Hi-Pro specializes in all arena and curling ice spray equipment. From hand wands, 8 and 14 nozzle spray booms, mixing tanks, agitator mixing motors, electric and gas pumps, replacement nozzles bodies and tips, back pack sprayers, vinyl and rubber hose, hose reels and hose carts. Specialized Ice Paint Spraying Equipment
Present a fresh sparkling appearance to your arena and maximize your sponsors advertising panels! Hi-Pro Sports will help you to achieve efficient, effective cleaning of the arena boards, ice in or out. Our service is available year round to suit your schedule. Most arena’s can be done in 2 hrs
Hi-Pro Sports carries a full line of arena supplies including: Ice hockey goal frames, nets, net protectors, fenders, frame anchors, shooter tutors, arena protective netting, and glass pads. Locker Room Strategy boards Nets and frames for Lacrosse, Floor Hockey, and Roller Hockey. Marathon gym mats. Professional Goal Frame Official NHL
Hi-Pro Sporting Goods offers a large section of different types of rubber flooring. We also do many installations for arenas, ski lodges, gyms, office buildings, and more. Mondo Sport Impact The versatile Sport Impact is made extremely tough to withstand skate traffic while maintaining its new appearance. Ideal for locker-rooms,
Pure Ice Demineralized Flood Water System. The process of removing minerals, salts and dissolved solids from the flood water is known as demineralization. Essentially, for ice making, demineralization can be accomplished either by deionization or reverse osmosis.
Portable Ice Rinks  
We carry 3 different types of protective/spectator netting. All 3 are approved for use in NHL facilities. Can also get netting for soccor, baseball, and golf. Retractable netting systems and install also available. Please contact us for further details.   #12A Kevlar® Spectator Netting Break Strength: 300  lbs Stretch Mesh